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Freedom for Mac FAQ's

Freedom for Windows FAQ's

Q: Does Freedom work with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
A: Freedom 1.0 is fullly compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and works for OS X 10.7-10.10. Our older clients are not Yosemite compatible - but you should definitely upgrade! Our 1.0 client has huge improvements!

Q: I'd like to run Freedom on multiple devices - how do I do that?
No problem! We have just launched a service called that allows you to block distractions across all your devices, including Mac and Windows computers, and Android and iOS tablets and phones (including iPhone and iPad). Instead of buying Freedom for all your individual devices, you can cover all your devices with for a low yearly price. Check it out!

Q: How do I run Freedom?
A: Freedom is easy to use because it only does one thing: it blocks your internet. To run Freedom, double-click the Freedom icon, which will launch the app from the menu bar. Tell it how long you'd like it to run, and press submit.

Q: Do you offer volume or enterprise discounts?
A: Yes, volume discounts are available. Please request a quote. Freedom can also be customized for your organization's needs (longer time periods, etc.).

Q: Why is your website if you also make a Windows and Android version?
A: Freedom was originally for Macs only. We built Windows and Android versions after receiving thousands of requests. We're migrating to the domain

Q: How do I install Freedom for Windows?
A: Freedom works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. For Freedom to run properly, your account needs to have administrator privileges, or you need to run the program as an administrator. Double-click it and take Freedom for a test run (minimum is 15 minutes). If you find that you’re locked offline, then you’ve run the program with the correct permissions. If you find that you’re still able to access the internet, then you need to take one more step and allow the program to run as administrator.

Q: I'm stuck offline!
If you experience a computer crash or some other unforseen event and you're not able to immediately get back online after a reboot, simply open up and run Freedom again for a short session (10 minutes will do). At the end all of your connections will be restored to normal!

Q: How do I run Freedom as Administrator?
A: If you right-click on the Freedom icon on your desktop, you should notice that one of the menu items is “Run as Administrator” (On Vista, 7 and 8) or “Run as…” (on XP). You’ll need to run the program as administrator so it can temporarily lock out your networking. For more information about running applications as administrator, check out these links:

Windows 7 and 8: How to run program as administrator
Windows Vista: How to run program as administrator
Windows XP: How to run program as administrator

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